Friday, September 14, 2001

It's frustrating...all this information pouring in, all of it having to do with ATTACK ON AMERICA (c), and most of it contrasting and alarmist. I know I said No World Trade Center talk, but you just can't get away from it. Haven't seen a commercial in days...
I'm not getting any work done today, sent off some faxes, and puttered around the office, cleaning it up. Smoked. Took my hour of silence the boss gave us to research (guess what) ATTACK ON AMERICA (c). Drank coffee and ate too much lunch. I really want to head back to Lawrence this weekend, hang out with the friends, drink too much, and remember what it is to be happy. Everything in K.C. is grey right now. Grey and with that touch of chill autumn brings. Seems Autumn's come early this year...
Alright...had fun with the site meter, monkeyed with the settings, and now everything should be in position for maximum bullshitting...
I hope you're ready.
Cause I'm not
think I gots me a sitemeter now
Alright...I've changed templates, and everything seems to be fine. A note to those who keep getting that terrifying 503 error, keep trying templates till you get one that works. It took me three tries, but on the third one, I ended up with this beautiful working template that looks just like everyone elses does.
Work's exciting today, I put together a whole chair. The "Executive Leather Recliner" from Office Depot even includes an Allen wrench for your convinence. What it doesn't include is the pliers you need to get pressure on the Allen wrench so the fuckin' screws will go in proper-like. However, after much manly grunting and swearing, a minor flesh wound, and a bit of duct tape, it came together nicely, and Diane (who's new "Executive Leather Recliner" it was) promised me a piece of choclate cake next week. I'm such a cake whore.
I have decided that there will be no discussion of the World Trade Center bombing on this site.
Of course, I just did.
This is not a pipe.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

god I hope this works.
what the hell?
Soon, die Fishy Die will rule the world. As soon, that is, as I can figure out how to use it.