Friday, September 21, 2001

It's bosses...beautiful day....

Fuck it. I'm leaving early.

Have a good weekend, everyone.
Both my bosses are out today.

I can smoke in my office.

Spent all day looking at blogs.

Tonight, rehersal and then beer.

Possibly Playstation.

Life is good.
Ahhhh....the Incredibly Lightness of Bean

I love coffee.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

I love it.

And not that fancy triple-mocha-latte-with-whipped-cream bullshit, either. Just plain ole black coffee, occasionally Hazelnut flavored (but only at the Pig.) poured steaming into a cardboard cup and served to me by a fed up looking woman with many piercings who's itching to get in a debate on the relative merits of post-modern thought, or at least pop a couple of E's.

It all goes back to high school. It was there, at the local Perkin's restaraunt, where my love affair with coffee began. I'm sorry for the "back in high school" story, but to truley understand the depth of this obsession, you'll have to sit through some background on this. I was a debator, and me and the other debators would meet at Perkins, there, there to study. There the ritual began. Get coffee, get cigarettes, place cigarettes to the left of coffee (I'm left handed, maybe you righties put them to the right, I don't particularly care, you elitest bastards), lighter on the left. Sip coffee, pull out files one by one (and making great show of it all, to prove you've RESEARCHED the material, even though you just photocopied it out of Rand the night before), spread the materials in an absolutely unintellegible pile all around you, light said cigarette, take a drag, and then that first sip.

Twas beautiful. The ritual's a bit refined, but always roughtly the the real world, it's all the papers your boss gave you, instead of photocopies. You have to cut the cigarettes out (at least while you're at work), and the sturdy Perkin's mug that has contained that sweet nectar of the Gods is replaced by whatever takeout cup your local coffee shop hands out. But the effect is the same. Calming, focusing.

Nature's way of saying--"Alright. We're here. Everything's in place. Let's get started."

I love coffee.

Oh--and both my bosses are gone today. Hence the long entry. Prolly be back later too.

I gotta go drink coffee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

My fucking watch is broken. I don't know why. I've treated it nice. I've coddled it, cared for it, put it away in it's little package at night, sang it songs in the morning, and generally loved the hell out of it (and yes, I took it off before I showered...except that once), and now the thing repays me by breaking. Not a clean a broken link or one of the hands stopping, ne'er to move again, but a far more insidious form of slows down.
I woke up today, late, at 9. Freaked out, looked at said watch, which read 8:15...calmed down considerably, until I got in my car, and it read 9 as well...something was wrong, horribly awry. I was stuck between time zones, with no coffee, and the effect was chilling... watch... link to time, to the outside world....
A gift from Lucy, my pride and joy, my little Sekonoa had betrayed me...
Had made me cocky in the face of lateness.

I'm a man without time now....

Amazing how fast we get enslaved by such a silly abstract concept...

Oh. Time to smoke...
trying out HTML stuff...please bear with me.

Monday, September 17, 2001

Monday morning.

God I hate Monday morning.

Everything's still grey...a dark and rainy weekend. Last night the Angry Thunder of The Gods was upon our little region of the midwest. There's something so relaxing about falling asleep warm and safe while outside God bellows and pours down rain and light. At least, it's relaxing if you're not which case it sucks.

My exciting weekend, here for you to enjoy--

Friday night--left work a half hour early, as there wasn't much being done by anyone at that point. Everyone seemed ot have this universal fatigue by Friday, and rather than phone it in for the rest of the day, yours truly decided to exeunt stage right at 4:30. Went over to Auman's, where we proceeded to play Madden 2001 football on our friend John's Playstation 2, and drink copious amounts of beer. It was, I must admit, a choice way of escaping from the heaviness of the past week--until--

Sat--Woke up on Auman's couch. Felt like Le' Ass from the night before. Decided it would be wise to eat, call Lucy, and then take a four hour nap. Mission accomplished, and well worth it. I didn't really have any plans for the weekend anyway. After the nap, dragged sad ass to shower, shaved, put on nice fresh clothes and deoderant, and then, smelling like a sweet, sweet rose, went to Jerry and Kitty's house for their annual wine and cheese party. Unfortunately, we had to have it indoors this year, due to the rain, but it was still nice. Friends, wine, cheese, and foucasia (sp?) bread. Hung out till one, and then called Lucy (for the second time that day). Fell into a blissful sleep, and had many wonderful dreams I can't remember.

Sunday--Woke about 11, disconcerted for no apparent reason. Went and got coffee, and met with Kay. Very exciting stuff. After that, I went over to Auman's and watched videos, Sopranos, and Band of Brothers. I reluctantly admit that Band of Brothers is pretty damn good. I was skeptical, but it won me over. I hate that when that happens. Went home and went to bed. Had trouble getting up this morning....some dream that was really nice, but of course, I can't remember it...I hate that.

So today, it seems we'll pull the pieces back together, and start the process of getting on with our collective lives...

Life's funny that way.

Oh, and by the way, tell them to stop postponing comedies...I think it's time we laughed again.