Friday, October 05, 2001

Not much to report today.

Firewater rocked.

The Kansas City Bar Scene sucks.

Fuck boxed wine.

You may resume your daily business.

Thursday, October 04, 2001


That's right,'s F DAY...that's Firewater Day, for you poor souls who are a bit, erm, out of the loop.

Tonight, Firewater will grace the stage of the Hurricane right here in River City. And yours truly, along with wacky sidekick/roomate Dave, and the ever-revolutionary Che Scott will be right there pulling pints and basking in their musical glory. It's almost too much. I have a tear in my eye already.

Not only is that something to celebrate about, but on top of everything else, our softball team, the Rain Dogs, have officially won our last two games. This brings our record to 2-9, AND the team we beat was in the running for first place. Beer was served in the parking lot after the victory.

I'm off to do a couple of hours of work before I relax into a Firewater and Guniess induced haze this evening.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Also, Herr Chairman has arrived, gone straight into meetings in the bosses office, and not come out.


City of Heros, slated for release in summer 2002, looks like it could kick some serious ass...or, it could suck some. This is one of those games I worry about...

Why must you take my life away, you evil computer game making bastards!

However, players don't get to fight each other, except in arena matches. I personally, don't mind that at all, but many of the kids I've played against over the Net are going to be disappointed. Hopefully, gameplay will be fun and interesting enough to make up for that. I spect we shall see.

Great. Now I have to get a new computer.
Visit from the Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board....I love's so, I dunno--Monopoly. Isn't he supposed to give everybody $50 bucks, speaking of?

Anyway, so far, Herr Chairman has not shown up. The boss is pacing back and forth, wearing a navy blue blazer that looks like a blazer I wore to get baptised when I was 8 (yes, I was a pagan my first 7 years, but that's a whole 'nother story), and everyone is pretending to work, rather than congregating in the halls, swilling decaf, and talking art. It's really quite disconcerting.

I just really hope the boss comes up to me and says "Work Doubletime. The Chairman is coming.... and the Chairman is not as forgiving as I am

Then he'll reveal that he's my dad, that cute secretary down the hall is my twin princess sister, and I'll get to be a Jedi Knight.

Time for more coffee.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001


Having narrowly avoided a crisis situation at work, our hero lives to miss the bus another day!

Now off to the Velvet Dog for a victory Pint!


For Tomorrow is business casual day!

The Fucking Shit has hit the fan at work...
I hate reports...
Oh, and by the way...I have to dress up tomorrow--

"Our board chairman will visit the office tomorrow and meet with me and some other staff for most of the day about issues related to our leadership transition. He is one of our staunchest allies on the board and has high regard for this staff (so our job is to help him keep that opinion!). He will tour the office at different parts of the day to say "hello".

Please try to make our space as presentable as possible, recognizing its accute limitations. For you newcomers, your attire will be fine as long as it seems "appropriate" -- business suits are not at all needed, but by the same token t-shirts and shorts would be ill-advised. Just keep it in the middle of the spectrum -- anything thought of as "business casual" will be quite satisfactory.

Most of all, demonstrate to him that we all are the hard-working and capable staff that I know we are, and that he believes is the case.


The CEO"

Guess now is not the time for my new leather pants...

Upon a Tuesday--

Tuesday is like Monday,
without all the anticipation of the full week ahead
No excitement thinking of what could be accomplished
Just the dull drudgery of working to accomplish them
The weekend but a fleeting memory
The reality of the week ahead
and tired eyes from reading the night before
while the sun taps lightly on the windows
and beckons me outside
"I'd love to go, Mr. Sun,
but that would mean plummeting eight floors down to my death!"
Mr. Sun just laughs,
and says, "Get Back To Work, See If I Care, For My Light Will Continue
To Gloriously Beckon You,
To Warm You
To Bring You Out From Your Cruel Fiscally-Imposed Incarceration,
To Dance In The Fields In My Glory
For I am the Sun!"
That's why Mr. Sun
is an asshole.

Monday, October 01, 2001

Monday morning...somehow it always seems to come around after the weekend. It's not fair, really. I'm thinking of protesting...if only I could wake up enough to get angry...

Favorite Quote heard on NPR this morning on the way to work--

"On one hand, you've got the president telling you to take your children to Disneyland, not to be afraid; then on the other hand, you've got a general who's authorized to shoot your plane down if it gets to close to a national monument."

That, my friends, is the world we live in now.

Good morning.