Friday, October 12, 2001

Yes, I'm still around...

I've just been busy, okay! Lay off!

This week has been plagued by the dark specter of the work year-end summary "report". I have been slogging non-stop through said "report", and hence have not had time to keep you up to date on all the little assured, that after I smoke this report out, and bring it to justice, you'll get a full update on all the latest Willie wackiness and nerosis...

Until then, suffer.


Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Tuesday of Reckoning.

Shouldn't have got out of bed today. But it seemed like the day was going to go up early, took a shower while listening to the war on 89.3. I did my laundry over the weekend, so I had folded clothes, all fresh, nothing off the floor. I smelled and looked good--went to the Quick Trip to get a morning coffee, attempting to be untroubled by the grey and ominous sky, when a woman with frizzled hair and two teeth politely informed me that I was missing brake lights on one side, and only had two on the other.


This sucks ass.

I'm supposed to go to England for Christmas and I only have two hundred dollars saved for the ticket so far...if my car has expensive electrical problems, I am, as the French say, 'Le Fucked'. Why couldn't I just find some fat assed local Johnson County rich bitch and make her mine, I ask would be so much simpler.

Anyway I am now in an official BAD MOOD. Tell me something good.

This helped a bit--my hobbit name is Mungo Knotwise. Heh. I thought it was dorky, till I realized Lucy's is Pearl it goes.