Thursday, October 25, 2001

I don't know which is more pitiful...that stuff like this is around, or that people like me actually have time (and the inclination) to read it. You decide.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Hey, Rob--Lookie! Lookie!

Civ III comes out in 6 days. Shit.

...every time I think I might do something productive with my life...

Questions, Questions, and More questions

An interesting article here about "Life in Wartime". I find myself bumping between being incredibly wrapped up in my personal life, and then moments of sheer existential dread as I contemplate the bigger picture, how long this "war" could go on for, and the implications it has on the future of the theatre, the non-profit sector, and our way of life in general. How's that for lofty.

Also, when am I gonna get some of that terror sex that everybody was talking about a couple of weeks ago?
No Radio Blues

A poem about work and tunes

I have got myself no radio today,
because I have to use it in the fucking play,
So time is dragging in a major way,
And I may not make it through the day.

It's not a good radio, that's for sure,
The sound is all tinny and not at all pure,
But still it makes me feel oh so demure
To have music to which my ears can lure (I know it's bad, shut up.)

But I just got so tired of carrying it around,
And I was quite afraid I'd drop it on the ground,
And then it would no longer make a sound,
My "Bass Boost" Master would have had it's last pound.

So instead I sit in silence and type,
This silly, unremarkable tripe,
It's really just not worth all the hype,
But I just thought the time was ripe.

The End....or is it?

Monday, October 22, 2001

Things I Did Not Need

To add to the stress of the ole week before the show insanity, Dave has decided he's moving out, leaving me with our new roommate (who I have not met, but apparently has already been helping himself to our food) Victor, who Dave describes as "an evil, mad genius". Dave has decided to move out to pursue a career in Law, by taking the LSAT and going to KU. While I can not fault Dave for this (I am, in fact, rather proud of the ambition in the lad), this means he's going to "move in with his sister" to "save money".

Fuck me.

First Jim the wifebeater, now Dave.

I'm not sure I want to live with Victor, the mad genius, but then, I'm not sure what my other options are...I mean, do I move back to Lawrence temporarily? Do I find cheap, shitty digs in KC? And isn't great that Dave gave me 10 days to make a decision one way or the other.

Fuck it. I'm packing my shit up and moving to New York. Ginger, get that couch ready for me.

p.s. Someone tell me what a dumb ass I am by posting a comment, so I can see if this thing works....c'mon with me here.
I Am A Dumb Ass

Though this is nothing new to you, my loyal friends and three big readers. Yesterday's BIG STUPID DUMB ASS THING WHAT I DID may in fact take the cake. I printed up precisely 100 posters for the show I'm directing this weekend. Pretty standard poster, with the title of the show, the nights it's playing, where it's at, etc.

Only one problem.

I put the wrong date on the poster.

So, as of now, it's playing on Friday, October 27, and Saturday, October 28. Which is funny...because those days don't least not this year.

And strangely, no one has noticed yet.

I'm glad everyone's as dumb as me. Anyway, I'm off to remedy this problem, and try to get off work early so I can rush into Lawrence and put the new posters up, quick-like, fore anyone notices.

The joys of stupidity are alot-fold.