Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Oops I did it again.

So Dr. Ossai is really interested in making me this Nigerian money (see below). He just won't stop replying to me. I decide, since he's so kindly provided me with an address to email him, that I'll accidently send him something a little off topic. Something like this....

Dear Marguritte,

I can't believe the wonderful time we had last weekend in the Philippines. Who would have thought I would have to travel to the Philippines to meet a beautiful French girl from Debuke, Iowa! It amazes even me, LOL.
I'm willing to go the extra distance to make this relationship work. Although we only had two days of sweet lovemaking to consecrate it, I feel that there was a very real, very visceral connection between us. I think--no, no--I know, that we had love. There, I said it. There was love between us. Love in your eyes when you looked at me while we kissed passionately on the rocky shores of Guadalucanal. Love when I stroked your hair, watched your skin bead with sweat and water, and called you my "pretty thing". This could work!
I refuse to believe it might be a one night stand. Please, let me know what you think. I eagerly await your answer.

Your love in Middletown,

Ned Niederlander.

His response was something close to what I expected, and (though I couldn't believe he was still buying it) went like this.

Dear Ned,

I do not understand why you sent me such a mail.



I could not believe his insolence, I had clearly (hee hee) sent my company letterhead in that mail. Angered as I was, the next day, I shot off this terse reply.

Dr. Williams,

First of all, it's Mr. Niederlander, and not "Ned". Although I appreciate
your attempts at camradiere, as far as I'm concerned, until we move farther
into this deal, I'm not your pal, I'm not your buddy. We're partners. And
I would prefer you be Dr. Williams, and I be Mr. Niederlander.
Secondly, I don't understand why you don't understand what I sent you.
It was a simple request for more information about what format you wanted
the letterhead in, and my bank information so that you could begin the
process. Is that so difficult to understand? Perhaps you and your people
in Nigeria need a lesson in good, honest American corporate business
I'm sorry to sound condescending, or angry, but I do need some assurance
that things are getting done on your end. And I haven't had my soup yet
What, exactly, do you need from me right now?

Ned niederlander

I think I probably lost him with this, but we'll have to wait and see.

Stringing it out for ya,


Ned Niederlander